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Benefits of Granite Countertops

Extremely Durable

Granite is second in hardness to diamonds. With normal use, nothing in the kitchen will chip, ding, or break granite countertops.

Heat Resistant

No need for trivets!! Unlike "man made" synthetic countertops, granite can withstand a dish hot from the oven or stove right onto its surface.

Stain Resistant

By its nature, granite is extremely dense and excellent at repelling stains. As an extra precaution, every Ilkem Marble Granite granite countertop is treated with impregnating sealer to help eliminate the possibility of stains occurring.

Scratch Resistant

The finish on granite countertops is polished with diamonds and, with normal use, will never wear or fade as long as you own your home. Cutting on a granite countertop with kitchen cutlery will not scratch or damage it. Cutting on granite will, however, dull the cutlery.

The Colors

Granite is available in an amazing array of colorful and unique patterns. We have over one hundred different granite samples in our showroom to choose from. No two granite countertops are exactly alike.

Care and Maintenance

Granite is extremely easy to care for. Simply spray with a disinfecting cleaner and wipe off. That's it!! No additional polishing or refinishing will ever be required.

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